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The new 3 Gardens website is being worked on . . .

In the meantime, if you live in the Perth region and you require gardening care and garden maintenance services for a residential, strata or commercial property, please call Alan on 0417 906 263. You can also email .


3 Gardens is a privately owned Perth based garden care and maintenance business.

3 Gardens provides both one-off garden maintenance as well as scheduled garden care programs for residential, strata and commercial properties in most areas of the Perth metropolitan area.

We have the resources of highly talented hands-on landscape designers, horticulturalists, reticulation installers and turf experts available and we can purchase plants and products at wholesale prices.

The business name 3 Gardens is based on the three types of property’s gardens we look after: Residential, Strata and Commercial.

Put simply, our approach to garden service is one that offers you peace of mind, professional workmanship, value for money and great results.

3 Gardens is a thriving gardening business because we do the right thing by our customers.

We find that once people experience us…..they stay with us.

We offer high standards of reliability and customer service. We have our own vehicles, quality trained staff and well maintained professional gardening equipment.

You can have peace of mind knowing gardeners have a police clearance, safety training and the business has $10M of Public Liability Insurance.

The key difference with the way I operate my business compared to others with similar businesses in this industry is my mindset. I have a management mindset….whereas the majority have an employee mindset. This means I have a greater sense of accountability and am more dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers; whereas employees tend to do the minimum that is required and see customers as one-off transactions not as future income streams.